News   Procurement of Consultant Services for Training Educators for Excellence Project Implementation

Special Procurement Notice

Procurement of Consultant Services for Training Educators for Excellence Project Implementation


The United States of America, acting through the Millennium Challenge Corporation (“MCC”) on 26 July, 2013 signed a five-year, $140 million compact with the Government of Georgia to advance economic growth and reduce poverty in Georgia.
The Government of Georgia (GoG) created the Millennium Challenge Account Georgia (MCA-Georgia), a Legal Entity of Public Law under Georgian law, as the accountable entity to implement the Compact program and to exercise and perform the Government’s right and obligation to oversee, manage, and implement the Compact.
The MCA-Georgia is seeking a Consulting Firm, which will to provide targeted technical and management assistance to TPDC (Teacher Professional Development Center) as it plans, implements and monitors all project activities indicated in the final project design recommendations for the Training Educators for Excellence and Classroom Assessment Support activity. The MCA Consultant (PMC), through its international technical and project management expertise, will be primarily responsible for program quality assurance, including (a) advising TPDC towards finalizing implementation strategy and work plans; (b) carrying out targeted capacity building for staff in TPDC and other MES agencies; (c) overseeing development of face-to-face and online training content and monitoring/observation tools that can be integrated into a continuous professional development system; (d) providing risk assessments for MCA to ensure on-time program delivery; and (e) targeted support to facilitate linkages between this activity and ongoing MES policy efforts. 
The MCA-Georgia now invites proposals to provide the consultant services referenced above (“Proposals”). More details on these consultant services are provided in the Terms of Reference. The Request for Proposal (“RFP”) is open to all eligible entities or persons (“Consultants”) who wish to respond. 
Consultants interested in submitting a Proposal and receiving the full Request for Proposal document should register their interest by sending an e-mail, giving full contact details of the Consultant, to:
Millennium Challenge Account- Georgia
Dimitri Kemoklidze
Procurement Director
The closing time for receipt of Proposals is January 20, 2016 at 3:00 pm local time in Georgia (GMT+4).  Proposals received after this time and date shall not be considered and will be returned unopened. Consultants should be aware that distance and customs formalities may require longer than expected delivery time.