Market Research   "Imereti Agro Zone" LLC announces market research



"Imereti Agro Zone" LLC announces market research - for the purpose of purchasing detailed engineering design services, in accordance with the Terms of Reference – Annex 1.


Please familiarize yourself with the terms of reference of the procurement object defined in the attached file below and, if interested, provide us with the documents listed below, no later than 18:00 (GMT +4) on September 12, 2022:


• Information about the experience of the applicant company in accordance with Appendix N2;

• Information about the cost of the service provision in accordance with Appendix N3; 


to the following e-mail:


The price of the service must be expressed in GEL, including all taxes stipulated by the legislation of Georgia.


For questions and other additional information, please contact us at the same e-mail.


Thank you in advance for participating in the market research.


See Terms of Reference, Appendix N1 and N2 in the attached file.



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