• Khvicha Bziava - Chief Specialist of Tenders' Monitoring Division
    Mail: khbziava@spa.ge
  • Ana Gagnidze - Procurement Coordinator                         Mail: agagnidze@spa.ge
  • Giorgi Gogiberidze-  Head of  Tenders' Monitoring Division   Mail: ggogiberidze@spa.ge
  • Tamar Gordeladze - Head of Division of Legal Proceedings Mail: tgordeladze@spa.ge
  • Kote Gugeshashvili - Head of Monitoring Department Mail: kgugeshashvili@spa.ge
  • Maia Kukhaleishvili - Head of Division of Monitoring Contests, Procuring Plans and Simplified Contracts           Mail: mkukhaleishvili@spa.ge
  • Giorgi Latsabidze - Head of Legal Department        Mail: glatsabidze@spa.ge
  • Keti Kadagidze - Head of Consolidated Tenders Service Mail: kkadagidze@spa.ge
  • Alexander Chkhikvishvili  -  Expert-Analyst     Mail: achkhikvishvili@spa.ge
  • Ana Chania - Head of Analytical Service                        Mail: achania@spa.ge
  • Nodar Kherkheulidze - Head of Division of Legal Provision  Mail: nkherkheulidze@spa.ge
  • Ia Shaverdovi – Head of Division of Dispute Resolution Board Affairs                                                                                    Mail: ishaverdovi@spa.ge
  • Irakli Goletiani – Head of Simplified Procurement Service   Mail: igoletiani@spa.ge
  • Givi Gegelashvili - Chief Spesialist of the Service for Consolidated Tenders
    Mail: ggegelashvili@spa.ge